About Library

        The Department of Library & Information Science of Sri A.B.R. Government Degree College Repalle, was established in 1972. It attempts to meet the requirements of the students, teachers, alumni, and other college stakeholders.

Library Information

        The college library is the heart of the Institution. By offering necessary reading resources (both print and electronic), such as text books, reference books, general literature, journals, and magazines, it aids the process of a college education. Newspapers, CD-ROMs/e-books, e-journals (N-LIST), syllabus copies, and previous exam papers are all provided to staff and students. This access to a global library of literature promotes reading for both pleasure and educational purposes. The college library offers light reading materials like magazines, newspapers, a sizable selection of Telugu and English literature, etc., hence it is also used for leisure activities. Our library is fully automated and uses INFLIBNET's Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), SOUL (Software for University Libraries) Version 3.0.
        In order to access 1,99,500+ e-books and more than 6000 national and international e-journals, our college library has subscribed to INFLIBNET's N-LIST. To access its digital documents, our library has also registered with the National Digital Library (NDL) to access 6,00,000 e-books which was developed by IIT Kharagpur.
        In addition to the library's regular activities, it also sponsors literary competitions for students, such as quizzes, essay writing contests, book reviews, etc. It also hosts library orientation programmes for both staff and students to raise awareness of the library's print and electronic information resources and to motivate them to pursue academic and research goals. On days that are significant both domestically and internationally, such as National Library Week, National Science Day, etc., it organizes unique book exhibitions.

About Librarian

Curricullum Vitae
01 Dr. D. Picheswarao Librarian M.Com, M.Li.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D View CV
02 Sri N. Rama Krishna Assistant Librarian M.Com, B.Li.Sc View CV

        Our library's vision is to create, arrange, make materials accessible, and conserve them in order to meet the requirements of students and faculty members in the educational community today and in the future..


* To give students and faculty members constant access to information.
* To provide high-quality education while taking into account the needs of the current and future global village students.
* To aid in their pursuit of greater excellence and success.


        Providing readers with information
** To transform the readers into aware, knowledgeable individuals
** To increase readers' desire for and preference for reading
** To improve readers' economic, social, cultural, and philosophical well-being


Library Timings: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM on all working days

Book Issue Timings: 10:30 AM - 01:20 PM & 02:20 PM - 05:00 PM

Reference Book Issue Timings: During Library Timings

Rules and Regulations

1. Users should bring the identity cards to borrow the books
2. Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the library
3. Using mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library
4. Leave your bags, jacket and personal belonging at the depository/property counter
5. Before barrowing the book the member must make sure that the book lent is in good condition and the page number are intact.
6. If any book is damage, beyond repair or lost, the person responsible shall replace it with new copy.
7. Don`t do any marking on book, magazine & furniture`s etc..


S.No Name of the Faculty Designation and Department Position
1 Dr. T.C. Ravi Chandra Kumar Principal Chairman
2 Sri D. Sampoorna Rao Lecturer in Physics Convenor
3 Dr. K. Bhaskara Rao Lecturer in Economics Member
4 Sri A. Lakshmana Rao Lecturer in Chemistry Member
Institutional Repository

E Resources


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Library Services

1. Circulation/ book lending service Click Here
2. Reference service Click Here
3. Library orientation Click Here
4. Internet service Click Here
5. Competitive Cell Click Here
6. Library extension service Click Here
7. Institutional repository Click Here
8. Digital library service (N-LIST) Click Here
9. National digital library (NDL) Click Here
10. Automated library service Click Here
11. Providing previous question papers Click Here
12. Providing of syllabus copies Click Here

Library Layout

The library consists of library room for issue section, a reading room for students and a Digital library for e-resources and browsing.
1. Stock section
2. Reference section
3. Reading Room & Periodical section
4. Competitive section
5. Circulation section
6. E-Resource center

1. STOCK SECTION :In this area ,all books are arranged on the book racks according to subject wise .Each shelve has been provided with a shelf list to easily locate the books by the users .The library follows open access system for the benefit of the reader
2. REFERENCE SECTION: This section contains Reference book such as Dictionaries, Glossaries Encyclopedia, projects, etc. A copy of each text book and other recommended books which are prescribed in the syllabus are kept in the reference section .These are to be referred with in the library premises only
3. READING ROOM & PERIODICAL SECTION: The library has a separate reading room section where in the student and staff may go through the books, journals, magazines and news papers. Some back volumes of journals are also made available.
4. COMPETITIVE SECTION: The library has a good collection of competitive materials for Banking, NET, Civil services, SSC, Group I, II, III, SI, and Constable for the students.
5. E-RESOURCE CENTRE: There are 06 systems housed with internet facility in this room. There is a e-resource facility like e-journals, e-book, e-magazines and photocopy facility is available in the e-resources centre.
6. CIRCULATION SECTION: Books are issued and received by the staff and students of the college. In addition.

Resources Quantity
Books Volumes - Titles 10289
Books 24986
Journals & Magazines 18
E - Books
N List 199500+
NDL 600000
e-Journals 6000+
News Papers 4